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Below is a complete list of V.C. Andrews novels. They are listed in publication order—first by series, then each book within the series is listed by publication date.

In what order should you read the books? You don't have to read the series' in any particular order. But you should read the books within a series in publication order, especially if it's the first time you read the series. The author intended you to read them in the same order in which they were originally published.

♥ = Books written completely by V.C. Andrews before her death in 1986.
◊ = Written by the ghostwriter, though it is unclear whether or not they were started or outlined by Andrews.
All books after and including Dawn were written by the ghostwriter, Andrew Neiderman.

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The Dollanganger Series:
Flowers in the Attic  (1979)  ♥
Petals on the Wind  (1980)  ♥
If There Be Thorns  (1981)  ♥
Seeds of Yesterday  (1984)  ♥
Garden of Shadows  (1987)  ◊
Looking for Christopher's Diary and Secret Brother? They are under The Diary Series below.

The Audrina Series:
My Sweet Audrina  (1982)  ♥
Whitefern  (July 26, 2016)

The Casteel Series:
Heaven  (1985)  ♥
Dark Angel  (1986)  ♥
Fallen Hearts  (1988)  ◊
Gates of Paradise  (1989)  ◊
Web of Dreams  (1990)  ◊

The Cutler Series:
Dawn  (1990)
Secrets of the Morning  (1991)
Twilight's Child  (1992)
Midnight Whispers  (1992)
Darkest Hour  (1993)

The Landry Series:
Ruby  (1994)
Pearl in the Mist  (1994)
All That Glitters  (1995)
Hidden Jewel  (1995)
Tarnished Gold  (1996)

The Logan Series:
Melody  (1996)
Heart Song  (1997)
Unfinished Symphony  (1997)
Music in the Night  (1998)
Olivia  (1999)

The Orphans Miniseries:
  Butterfly  (1998)
  Crystal  (1998)
  Brooke  (1998)
  Raven  (1998)
  Orphans  (2000)  - all four minibooks compiled in one book
  Runaways  (1998)

The Wildflowers Miniseries:
  Misty  (1999)
  Star  (1999)
  Jade  (1999)
  Cat  (1999)
  The Wildflowers  (2001)  - all four minibooks compiled in one book
  Into the Garden  (1999)

The Hudson Series:
Rain  (2000)
Lightning Strikes  (2000)
Eye of the Storm  (2000)
The End of the Rainbow  (2001)
Gathering Clouds  (2007)  - limited edition novella included with Rain movie DVD

The Short Stories:
Cage of Love  (2001)
The Little Psychic  (2001)

The Shooting Stars Miniseries:
  Cinnamon  (2001)
  Ice  (2001)
  Rose  (2001)
  Honey  (2001)
  Shooting Stars  (2002)  - all four minibooks compiled in one book
  Falling Stars  (2001)

The De Beers Series:
Dark Seed  (2001)  - promotional ebook prequel novella
Willow  (2002)
Wicked Forest  (2002)
Twisted Roots  (2002)
Into the Woods  (2002)
Hidden Leaves  (2003)

The Broken Wings Series:
Broken Wings  (2003)
Midnight Flight  (2003)

V.C. Andrews' First Novel:
Gods of Green Mountain  (written in 1972, published in 2004)  ♥

The Gemini Series:
Celeste  (2004)
Black Cat  (2004)
Child of Darkness  (2005)

The Shadows Series:
April Shadows  (2005)
Girl in the Shadows  (2006)

The Early Spring Series:
Broken Flower  (2006)
Scattered Leaves  (2007)

The Secrets Series:
Secrets in the Attic  (2007)
Secrets in the Shadows  (2008)

The Delia Series:
Delia's Crossing  (2008)
Delia's Heart  (2008)
Delia's Gift  (2009)

The Heavenstone Series:
The Heavenstone Secrets  (2009)
Secret Whispers  (2010)

The Kindred Series:
Daughter of Darkness  (2010)
Daughter of Light  (2012)

The March Family Series:
Family Storms  (2011)
Cloudburst  (2011)

The Into the Darkness Novel:
Into the Darkness  (2012)

The Capturing Angels Novel:
Capturing Angels  (2012)

The Forbidden Series:
Forbidden Sister  (2013)
The Forbidden Heart  (2013)  - bridge novella, only available in ebook
Roxy's Story  (2013)

The Unwelcomed Child Novel:
The Unwelcomed Child  (2014)

The Diary Series:
Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth  (2014)
Christopher's Diary: Echoes of Dollanganger  (2015)
Secret Brother  (2015)

The Bittersweet Dreams Novel:
Bittersweet Dreams  (2015)

The Sage's Eyes Novel:
Sage's Eyes  (2016)

The Mirror Sisters Series:
The Mirror Sisters  (October 25, 2016)
Broken Glass  (January 31, 2017)
Shattered Memories  (Fall 2017)

Other Books By or About V.C. Andrews

The Haunted Dollhouse  (1982, introduction only)
Your First Romance  (1984, one story starter only)
Faces of Fear  (1985, one chapter devoted to V.C. Andrews)
The V.C. Andrews Trivia and Quiz Book  (1994)
V.C. Andrews: A Critical Companion  (1996)
V.C. Andrews: A Reader's Checklist and Reference Guide  (1999)
V.C. Andrews: Her Life and Books  (2010)
V.C. Andrews Wikia Books  (2011)

Unpublished Manuscripts

For information about these three works, go to The V.C. Andrews Collection at Boston University:
Where the Greener Grass Grows  (a first draft of Petals on the Wind)
"Golden Things"  (a poem)
"Regretting"  (a song lyric)

The following three manuscripts, all written before or around the time of Flowers in the Attic, deviated from the gothic "children in jeopardy" genre that made Virginia famous. To date, they have not been published.

The Obsessed  (an 800-page novel, story unknown)
Castles of the Damned  (a 900-page medieval romance)
All The Gallant Snowflakes  (story unknown)

The Estate of Virginia C. Andrews vs. United States mentions The Obsessed and All The Gallant Snowflakes:

"Andrews' literary efforts apart from the 'children in jeopardy' genre did not meet with similar success. Under the terms of the 1979 contract, Andrews was to depart from that format and author a book tentatively entitled The Obsessed. The success of, and the reaction to, Flowers in the Attic, however, prompted the publisher and Andrews' agent, Anita Diamant, to suggest that The Obsessed not be published. Andrews, who by then had completed the manuscript for that book, agreed. Andrews also submitted to Pocket Books two other manuscripts entitled Gods of Green Mountain and All The Gallant Snowflakes which deviated from the 'children in jeopardy' genre. Both were rejected."

The Obsessed and Castles of the Damned were both mentioned in an interview with former editor Ann Patty:

"When I met Virginia, she had two other novels I knew of. One was Gods of Green Mountain, which was science fiction and was finally published by Pocket as an e-book a few years ago. The other was an 800-page novel called The Obsessed. Some websites claim Flowers in the Attic came from The Obsessed, but it didn't. The two have nothing to do with one another.... There is also another unpublished manuscript, Castles of the Damned, which is a medieval romance of about 900 pages. Her brother still has it."

Virginia talks about The Obsessed in a Letter written by V.C. Andrews to a relative dated November 2, 1980:

"My editor is flying down as soon as were [sic] are settled in our new home to contract me for another book. If There Be Thorns will be coming out in early summer, possibly June first. After that comes THE OBSESSED and its sequel. Already I've started another, first draft half finished. [handwritten in] (not The Obsessed which is finished)"

In Douglas E. Winter's 1985 Faces of Fear interview, Virginia mentions some of her unpublished books:

"I have a medieval novel that I would like to get published [Castles of the Damned], and a fantasy that is going to be published [Gods of Green Mountain was originally going to be published in 1986]. And I would like to write a book about someone who has a little bit of the same kind of clairvoyance that I have—the ESP experience."

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